Have you ever tried to get your medication refilled on a Friday night, only to be told it - - is out of refills and you will need to wait until Monday to get more? Running out of refills wastes your time. good for 1 year). GOOD MEDICAL PRACTICE: Although you may be taking a prescription for the rest of your life, limiting the number of refills will ensure that patients regularly return to their physician for important follow-up appointments, monitoring, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the medication. The number of refills that any particular prescription can be given is therefore determined both by pharmacy law and medical practice. STATE LAW: Each individual state is responsible for developing and - Zofran birth defects - enforcing additional laws which also limit the number of refills that any prescription may be allowed.3. Now you often have to make another trip back to the pharmacy to pick up your pills. Obviously the doctor wants me to have it. "5 refills") or a specific time frame (e.g. In this article I will briefly explain the reasons for "refills" on your prescriptions, how you get more, and how to avoid running out.WHY PRESCRIPTIONS HAVE LIMITED REFILLSEvery prescription medication in the U.S. This may be a specific number (e.g. As a rule, most prescription drugs are not authorized for more than 1 year of refills without the need to obtain a new prescription from the physician.. Running out of refills can ruin a weekend. Why do presriptions run out of refills? And when they do...what do you do about it? As a pharmacist I am aware that this question can be frustrating for patients. FEDERAL LAW: Federal Law has certain restrictions on the quantities and number of refills allowed on prescription medications. See image below.2. Why? Why not just write on the prescription "FOREVER?"1. What do you mean it is out of refills?"If I had a nickle for every time this conversation, or some form of it, was carried out in a local pharmacy, I would probably be writing this article from a lounge chair settled into some golden, seashore sand while watching the waves clap and crash upon the shore of my own private island in the pacific. "Prescription Refills""I'm here to pick up my prescription""I'm sorry sir, your presription is all out of refills""What? What does that mean? I have to be on this medication the rest of my life you know. is written with a certain number of refills allowed by your doctor