How to find the right dress for your body type - Chicago Formal Wear - homecoming dresses womanwithin - H or Ruler:You have a body that is what we call model material (well balanced bust, waist and hips): You look good in a lot of dresses however; long sleek fitting dresses and fitted oneslook really good on you. Try to minimize wearing dresses that are unconstructed that hide your waist.Summer is fading, and fall is in the air, and so are all those fancy invite and Evite to some of Chicago'sfinest special events. You tend to look good in a variety of dresses. The key to finding a right dress is wearing a dress that creates balance. To start if you plan on attending the right formal occasions for you and your friends, you'll probably need a dress for the occasion, and not just any one, the right one for your body type. Grab a pen and pad, this is priceless.. So V neck dresses and A-line Hems look good on you. Try to avoid large printed dresses on the bottomsincethey invite stares. Below are few pointers on finding the right dress to flatter your body figure. This means that your upper body(Bust) is larger than your waist or hips. Hourglass : you have a proportioned bust and hips and slightly smaller waist.Buy dresses that are fitted in the waist, or a wrap style dress to show off your smaller waist which is one of your great features since this shows your natural curves. It creates proportion and shows off your attributes.If you are aPear: you are a woman who is smaller on the bust, waist and have wider hips, you look really good in astrapless dress, with fuller skirts as well to drape off of your hips. Dresses made out of a Chiffon fabric is your best friend. So go for a sleek fitting gown perhaps in silk.V Figure: You are a woman with an upside down pear shape