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When you hear about the connection between social media and SEO, it's usually discussed from the point of view of a website owner getting links, shares, and likes from Facebook to their site.This is beneficial, and Google's Matt Cutts has said publicly that they are definitely taking into account social signals when ranking a site.Of course, the links from Facebook are still no follow, and that means they don't really pass on any link juice, but it is important as part of a natural looking link profile.What I am talking about in this article is the amazing potential of ranking Facebook pages on Google, and in a Facebook search at the same time, easier than you could rank any other site.It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? You don't have to pay for hosting, you start off on one of the highest authority sites in the world and all you have to do is show Google the signs it's looking for.In this next section, I will talk about what you need to do to show Google that your site is a very important page on Facebook that deserves to be ranked.Facebook Page SEO TechniquesThe SEO authority of Facebook is huge, it's like Wikipedia to some degree, if you can just appear to be a big name celebrity or company.All you really need to do to look that way is get tons of likes, a few other types of internal links inside Facebook, and some really high quality back links, as with any other site.I'll go through these ideas one at a time. You can buy likes easily through Facebook Ads, or you can get them cheaper if you get random likes, and even cheaper again if you buy fake likes.Fake likes can drop off, random likes aren't all that targeted so may not work if you need targeted customers, and if you want cheap likes through Facebook Ads, you will need to get them from countries like the Philippines, where people rarely buy anything.It doesn't really matter, so long as they stick and look real, because the idea is that you are building thousands of do follow cross links within Facebook, from people's public profiles.Another way to build internal links in Facebook is to make other pages, and like one page while using Facebook as the other page.You can also comment on other related pages using an @ symbol and then the name of your page, and perhaps even ask or pay people to share or like your page from theirs.Building Quality Back Links To Your PageAs for the back link building, here's a list of the article writing sites with the highest traffic. Do a bit of testing to see if the articles are ranking well on Google for their titles.If it ranks well on Google, like eHow or HubPages, then it's a great place to make a back link from, but be aware that some of them may be really hard to get an article published on like eHow only allows US and UK writers, and Ezine has very strict standards.I like as a free press release site, and if you have a blog or website, you want to link from the website to the Facebook page with a do follow link from the home page, or an important page of the site, in the text, not on every page.You can seek guest posting opportunities on quality relevant sites and include a link to your Facebook page as well as your site in the author bio.This isn't easy, you may have to send out a dozen emails just to get a response, but you can copy and paste the same message and send it to every website owner in your niche and related niches.Once you build a quality back link, build quality back links to that page in the same way, and make a strong link pyramid, but consider these things:Don't always use the same link text, vary it to look naturalLink out to other authority source sites in the textMake quality engaging pages for readers, forget about keywords.Never build links from any site that could be viewed as a "content farm" or "link farm".ConclusionSo long as you understand the basics of SEO, which is all about providing quality results to Google users, you can easily rank a Facebook page for any search you want, like if you google the word "God" you get his Twitter profile. Sorry, "His" Twitter profile. The Facebook page of God has just crept up to number ten on the results.