How to Design and style a Roof - The Greatest Rafter Tail Depth

If you are hunting for info on "how to layout a roof", you probably know that a "rafter tail" is the end of the rafter that overhangs the wall. What you may not know is that the design you pick can establish whether or not,_Design_and_style,_Preservation you have a leaky roof edge or not. If you're going to connect a fascia board, you fundamentally have two choices...

How to Design a Roof -- Plumb Minimize Rafter Tails

Plumb cut rafter tails have a vertical fascia board. That's useful for installing gutters due to the fact the back side of most gutters is also vertical. But with no gutters, much of the drinking water coming off the roof operates down the fascia, the place it can rot the wood above time, specifically at the joints.