How to Create Highly Shareable E-Commerce Content


Even though it is your products that mainly deliver the value you offer, they play a relatively minor role in e-commerce content marketing. Your audience decides how it wants to perceive your content and what it wants to be presented about. This is the heart of any e-commerce content marketing strategy.

Therefore, you should create content that your audience would want to read and share. Shareable content not only helps spread your brand name around and increase brand awareness, but also assist your website search rankings as it attracts off-site links.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some techniques and tricks about how to create content that encourages shares and links.

  1. Your competitors are also striving to create more shareable content. Therefore, you can make a list of topics that the majority of your competitors are running after for and find out the content pieces that get a significant amount of engagement.

There are many ways to “steal” the ideas/topics, scroll through your major competitors’ Twitter pages, for instance, and note down the tweets that garnered the most tweets and comments. Find out what those popular tweets have in common,–it can be the topic, the hash tags, the wording and even posting time.

Next, steal that idea, rewrite it with your own perspective and make it more detailed, valuable, and actionable.

  1. People share content that would be “attractive” to their recipients. The format matters because no one wants to share a chunky block of text that will give people a headache before even before they start digging in. Break your paragraph body into short pieces that are more scanable. Insert enticing images wherever you think the attention level would possibly drop.

At the end of the blog post, present the info-graphic version of the content. Compared with plain text, visual content drives more traffic and engagement.

  1. Different customers will be at the different buying stage. Therefore, it’s important to create content that target each step of the buyer journey so that all of your audience will find a valuable piece that is worth sharing.

Just like how you create various Google ad in order to cover as many audiences as you can. You should also research for the most popular keywords using tools such as Google Keywords Planner. After all, you won’t get audience to share content if you aren’t creating content your audience is searching for in the first place.


  1. This is a no-brainer–when you want to drive more engagement, you have to embed images and videos into your content.

Bring your text to life by translating it into videos. In this way, you will illustrate the information you’re trying to communicate and make it simpler for users to resonate and interact with your content. Try to tell a story in your videos since stories are more memorable which means that they relevant for longer and prompt more sharing.