How to create a submit for Search engine optimization

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The major resource of traffic for a blog is usually Google, properly over Social Networks or direct visits. If it is not, it is that we are not carrying out anything right in the face of Seo positioning.

If in our prior article we mentioned why getting a website impacts our final results , in this article we will see how to make confident that our website is optimized for research engines, that is, how to compose a put up for Search engine optimization: let us see a listing of checking practically nothing more and practically nothing significantly less than twenty five factors that we must consider into account ahead of publishing a new article.

How to create a post for Search engine optimization

Key phrases

We have to never include search phrases without having rhyme or explanation, but they can be utilized when it makes sense and turns out to be all-natural. What we must do is:

1. Analysis We must do search term investigation to see which phrases are common and relevant to the post we want to create. In this report you can locate some keyword research equipment .

2. Title. We should include keywords in the title, which need to be appealing and have phrases that people use when they look for on Google.

3. Tags . We must contain these tags in the body of the post, with some of our keywords.

four. Fill ( stuffing ). If we abuse the key phrases, our posts will not placement well. We need to write contemplating primarily of the readers, of the individuals.

5. Context. The relaxation of the phrases in our post need to be connected to our major keywords. Google is like a dictionary: research for keywords and synonyms to greater comprehend the subject matter of the write-up. We need to not try to manipulate Google: we need to use phrases connected to our key phrases, constantly remembering that we publish for humans .

6. The initial 100 phrases. We should use key phrases in the 1st 100 words and phrases, considering that Google puts more emphasis on the words and phrases that go to the top of the webpage.

Internal backlinks

Hyperlinks are a basic approach of managing how to pass PageRank from 1 post to yet another. Internal back links can powerfully influence our positioning. We should bear in thoughts:

seven. Cross hyperlinks. Link new posts with other connected posts composed beforehand, this will increase the positioning of old posts.

8. Outdated posts. We should assessment them with particular periodicity and url them with the new ones, to transmit authority from the old to the new, obviously as extended as it can make feeling.

nine. Anchor texts. We need to not abuse the essential terms in the anchor texts of the inside backlinks given that this would negatively impact the positioning. The anchor textual content need to be component of a natural movement, and not mere key phrases.

exterior backlinks

External hyperlinks can affect our positioning positively. We need to bear in mind:

10. Relevant blogs. We need to website link to appropriate assets from our content articles. This aids Google discover which weblogs are appropriate to us and in this way determines which search phrases are the kinds for which we would be positioned.

eleven. Emails. We can notify the authors by e mail when we hyperlink them: possibly in this way our post will become much more shared in Social Networks and you can also get some links.


As is recognized, content is king: what we publish in our articles or blog posts is what makes us position or not. With regards to this, we need to bear in brain:

twelve. Replicate content material. If we use material from any supply, we should url it. We should also steer clear of possessing a high proportion of replicate content material, or else we could be penalized by some Panda update.

thirteen. Inadequate articles. Creating posts completely for Search engine marketing positioning can also lead to a Panda penalty. We should focus on the top quality of articles, considerably far more than amount.

14. Length There is a direct correlation amongst the length of an report and its positioning. Most of the world wide web web pages that rank on the first web page of Google incorporate at the very least two,000 words and phrases.


We have to use custom made URLs, because this can boost the positioning by certain phrases. We should bear in brain:

fifteen. Brief. Short, key word-prosperous URLs are likely to rank much better than extended ones.

sixteen. Keywords. Such as keywords in the URLs will slightly boost our positioning.

17. Quantities If we want to be incorporated in Google News, the URLs should have 3 consecutive distinctive figures.


As they say, a image is really worth a thousand words. When such as photographs in our posts, we should just take into account:

18. Name of the file. It have to have search phrases. The a lot more descriptive the file identify of the picture, the far better we will place in the Google Impression Lookup.

19. Alt tags. We need to write an alt tag for each picture. As just before, including alt tags to photographs will help us position greater in Image Research.

20. Proportions. The height and the width and of the graphic should be large. The greater the dimensions of the image, the greater positioning.

21. File measurement. The dimension of the picture file must be as small as achievable. Compressed photos, but which keep quality, are likely to place far better.

22. Code to embed them. If we use special pictures, this sort of as infographics, there are people who will want to embed them in their web sites. If we provide the code to embed them, we will enhance the variety of incoming backlinks to our site, which will improve our positioning over time.

23. Oneness If our photos are unique and special, they will place better in the Picture Research than individuals taken from photographic shares.

Loading time

Velocity ​​affects positioning. The more quickly a blog masses, the better its positioning. We have to bear in thoughts:

24. Average. We need to improve pictures, audios, video clips, and many others. that we consist of in our blog dealing with the loading time. We can use Google PageSpeed resources to optimize our information.

twenty five. JavaScrips. If we use javascript in our site, we need to try to lessen the variety of external scripts we use, considering that they tend to gradual down the loading time.


If we consider these 25 concerns before producing a new write-up in our site, we will ensure an optimum Search engine optimization positioning in Google and other search engines.