How to create a multiplayer game that people actually play

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At Lost Garden, game developer Dan Cook, known for puzzle game Triple Town and dogfighting game SteamBirds, has laid out an exhaustive guide to multiplayer design, breaking down the core concepts and techniques behind creating something that people will want to come back to. It's very, very long, but it's well worth the read, even if you've never really thought about actually making a game.about 8 hours ago6 comments36 minutes ago by hemi79January 09, 2014'The Simpsons' celebrates the works of anime legend...The Verge Mobile Show at CES 2014GoPro channel coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this...UltraViolet working on easier redemption process for adding...'Game of Thrones' is returning on April 6thFinding Oz in the heart of Las VegasThe iPad-mounted Structure Sensor 3D scanner turns your...Matterform's low-cost 3D scanner will finally give you...Amazon puts Kindle vending machine in Vegas airport to...Cellphone surveillance costs $5 per hour, according to...Stone cold stunner: WWE Network could be the start of the...Circuit vapers: the e-cig is getting an upgradeFacebook Sponsored Stories will be removed from the site on...Closing Windows: Microsoft and its platforms are nowhere to...Good deal: Motorola offers free Chromecast with $399 Moto X...A closer look at Asus' $299 Wacom-equipped Windows tabletReplay: The Vergecast After Hours - Day 3This is the real CESSteamOS now supports Intel and AMD graphicsFICO may start including your Facebook presence in your...Fitbit Force adding caller ID feature next monthX-Ray Specs, for real: these glasses see through skinACLU joins Insane Clown Posse in lawsuit against the FBIWatch T-Mobile CEO John Legere's CES 2014 press conference...Nokia brings folders to Windows Phone with its Lumia Black...Google just made it really easy for strangers to email youCES 2014 in depth: The Verge reportsWatch all of The Verge's CES video hereThis Reebok helmet measures how hard I got punched in the...Sunrise's beautiful calendar goes big on iPad, adds...Nook sales plummet for 2013 holidaysSpec Sheet: the curving, flexing, and low-cost 4K TVs of...IBM unveils $1 billion Watson Group in New York City to...Replay: First! 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Path picks up another $25 million in funding, just months after layoffsTrending nowabout 9 hours ago by Ugelvidg.19 commentsHer?SourceLost GardenRelated Itemstriple town steambirds dan cook multiplayer gaming game designabout 10 hours ago by rnaoncfixd1 commentThe final season of 'Breaking Bad' is coming to Netflix next monthBy Bryan Bishopabout 11 hours agoWhy Google should allow aliases for its services.CES 2014 in depth: The Verge reportsWhy am I buying a Chromebook? Because they're like iPads with keyboards..VideoPlanning to get this for extra power on my Surface Pro, thoughts? 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