How To Clean An Apartment Checklist

If you've ever wished to how to clean a flat, this list will walk you through the process step by step.


Dust is inevitable. It comes in doors through home windows, on underneath of shoes and clothes. Dusting weekly will reduce the need for much more serious deep cleanings. Use the right tools, vacuum pressure cleaner with a long attachment and microfiber cloths will remove the dust from your apartment not only it around. Dust the most obvious and not so obvious:

[] Table surfaces
[] Chairs
[] Televisions
[] Windowsills
[] Wallpaper
[] Ceiling fans
[] Corner cobwebs


Floors can collect a lot more than dirt, pick up anything that shouldn't be on the floor and put it in its correct place or room.

[] Vacuum carpets and rugs
[] Mop or wash tile or wooden floors (do the kitchen separately)


When you live in a little space, learning how to clean a flat and keep it clean becomes doubly important; take out the trash as often as possible, daily if you can.

[] Dispose of any piles of papers or junk mail
[] Remove kitchen and bathroom trash
[] Replace bags on all waste baskets (its a good idea to leave a few extra bags in the bottom for next time)


The kitchen is probably the toughest room in the apartment to get and keep clean. Do the task upfront and then try to maintain as you go. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

[] Wash the laundry daily (collect any dishes in other rooms)
[] Remove the refrigerator (thrown away any expired item and aged leftovers, clean clean any spill remnants inside, wipe down the outside and the handle)
[] Clean/scrub countertops
[] Shake out crumbs in toaster
[] Wipe down devices (including microwave inside and out)
[] Clean/scrub stovetop
[] Clean any obvious places on the walls
[] Sweep up ground for crumbs and debris
[] Mop or wash floor
[] Scrub sink


The bathroom should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Any more than that, and it can become a disgusting job.

[] Use mildew remover on shower and bath
[] Disinfect the toilet
[] Scrub the sink
[] Mop the floor


The largest mess maker in the bed room is probably dirty laundry. Be sure you have a big enough hamper so have a place to put your dirty clothes until laundry day.

[] Change the linens (weekly)
[] Make the bed (daily)
[] Keep trash and dishes from the bedroom
[] Neatly stack any periodicals or reading materials
[] Air out the room (open the windows)

Now that you know how to clean an apartment, you need to ask yourself when you have the right systems occur place to help you keep that house looking clean and uncluttered.

Sometimes what your apartment needs is not therefore much a cleaning, but a decluttering. Are you experiencing stuff in your house you don't use, but you can't appear to release? Does your apartment feel smaller sized than when you initially moved in? Are you stressed out or embarrassed to have people over? It's probably time to declutter not clean.