How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have a job to do - cleaning up your home from resting dust and other dirt based elements present under your roof. We worry about keeping our homes tidy, but what about keeping our vacuum cleaners sparkling clean? Neglecting the one thing that keeps your home dust, dirt and bacteria-free is only going to mess with its make-up and stop it from eventually doing its job efficiently.Whoever invented the vacuum cleaner is a genius; he's combined technology and a simple household chore into one without having us to slog it out or break our backs over keeping our homes clean. In this section you'll find simple and easy steps on how to maintain your household best friend.Fuss-Free Tips on Cleaning a Vacuum CleanerBefore you get down to cleaning your vacuum cleaner, make sure you have its manual with you and if you don't then make sure that you are careful when cleaning your vacuum. The things you will need to help with the cleaning are...Cleaning liquid
Soft cloth
Rubber gloves
A pair of sharp scissors
Garbage bag
Safety FirstWhen cleaning your vacuum, I hope that it is understood that it should always be unplugged and not still in the socket with the current flow active while you are cleaning it. Practice this habit of always having the vacuum sit in front of you without it pulsing with electricity. Wear the rubber gloves before you get started with work to avoid little static pinches that sometimes occur from appliances even when unplugged. It will also keep your hands clean from all that dust and dirt that's been layering inside.Emptying the Dirt Container / Vacuum Bag Often
Whenever you clean up your home in a single session, that being a day of clean up - always make sure you empty out the contents immediately in the backyard dump, so that you don't have anything building up inside your vacuum cleaner. Use a carpet beater to dust out your vacuum bag, and soak it in a soapy mixture using a gentle detergent, being certain it dries out completely before replacing it back into the vacuum. Some vacuum bags are cloth based making it okay to use a soap based liquid to let it sit in. If it is a paper bag or plastic one, then turn it halfway inside out before emptying out all of its content and using a cloth to dust its insides. Using the soft cloth, gently wipe down your container using the cleaning liquid to sanitize thoroughly. Again, make sure it is completely dry before replacing it back into the vacuum cleaner.Brush Roll / Beater Bar Cleaning
The part which meets the floor or carpet when you clean up mess in your home, is called the brush roll or beater bar. This can sometimes snag dirt of all kinds, including hair from both humans and pets if any. Using gloved hands, gently pull out any dirt present on these rolls. Use a pair of scissors for stubborn caught on hair, since ripping it continuously can prove to be quite vexing. Dump all the mess from the clean up job in the garbage bag you have on hand. Remove the rolls if they can be unhooked from a detachment in the vacuum mouth, or unscrew the nuts and bolts so that you can do a good job cleaning up the beater bar. If you notice any problems in the vacuum that don't seem to resolve even after a good clean up, it may need repairing / replacing.Dirt Around the Wheels
The wheels too can have caught up dirt in it, so make sure you check these out as well and roll them to-and-fro to make sure there are no hindrances around the bearings. Clean these up as well using a damp cloth with cleaning liquid in it, before replacing these back onto the vacuum.Cleaning Out the Filters
Checking with your manual, make sure that it is clearly mentioned that soaking the filters in a liquid for cleaning is a safe move. If it doesn't say so, then just use a brush to remove any built up dirt and damp the soft cloth with the cleaning liquid and give it a good brief wipe down. Always make sure that everything you replace, even the filters is completely dry.Vacuum Cleaner Hose Clean Up
It is important to know how to clean a vacuum cleaner hose, where you have to use a wired hanger or broom to remove any dirt residing inside. Some vacuum cleaners come with break away hose parts, where you can see right through each part as you clean. If not, then make sure you don't push dirt further into the hose. Using a soft cloth on one end of the broom, which is ever so slightly damp to help dirt cling onto this, clean out your hose. Wait for the insides to dry before you think of using it again.Being Cautious of Wired Parts
Anything that has an electrical unit attached to it, or any kind of wire work should be strictly avoided from being dampened in any way. Gently dust this with a soft cloth and leave it untouched except for the main parts that tend to get / remain dirty over time.Cleaning a vacuum cleaner doesn't require a lot of time and patience, and is quite an easy task to make a habit out of every once in two weeks. Don't neglect that very helpful piece of technology, since it can break down at any given time if not cleaned out every once in a while.