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Choosing the right web host will definitely be one of the critical decisions you’ll have to make as the future of your company or business might in a way totally dependent on it. In your bid to choosing the right web host for your website, you must proffer answer the following questions

· What service am I rendering with my website?

· What kind of website do you want to operate?

· Does your website need a windows application?

· Are your customers going to be making payments via the website?

· Will you be using a special version of the software (PHP) on your website?

· What volume of traffic are you envisaging for the website?

Guide to choosing the right web Host

Control panel and user interface
It is recommended you put this into consideration most especially if you are not a tech guru unless you’ll love to ring customer service all the time. A sound web host should give you the flexibility of installing simple WordPress, set up web email and as well as your file transfer protocol account. You should opt for a web host that gives the flexibility of updating and modifying your website when need be without having to contact customer service or someone to help you out.

Web host Technical support
Hosting your website with a web host with sound technical support is very important also, as you may intermittently run into some little problems while updating or modifying your website. You should be able to reach your web host support team 24/7 either through a phone call, live chat or an email.

How secure is the web host server? The level of security offer by or web host is very vital to the overall performance of your website. Just you imagine this, you have been investing so much of your time and money into a new website, and by the time you start having traffic of the website, then you got hacked. Let cut to the chase, you need a web host that we’ll keep you off the rather of hackers and fraudsters willing to take your website down. Below are some of the security key features you need to consider for your secured hosting plan.

· Make sure they have RAID installed for your data protection

· Secure Datacentre

· Back- up option

· Manual reboot option

Never neglect the level of security your web host has to offer has it’s the only way to guarantee the smooth and efficient running of or website.

Other factors to look out for

· Advanced malware protection

· Web host security certification

· Free domain name

· Speed and performance

· Money back guarantee in case you change your mind

· Google tools such as Adword, Sitemap and site search

· Customizability of your website with the web host control panel

· Multiple servers to ensure your website protection

· Features and limitations

· Reputation and customer satisfaction

· Does the web host support unlimited email feature

· Multiple Addon domains

The ball in now in your court, take your time reviewing this article over and over again. Identify the factors and feature that are very important and compatible with your needs. Also, take your time to research on the shortlist of web host you might have had having read this article. The decision is yours to make!

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