How To Choose The Best Iphone 4 Cases

After you get an iPhone 4, finding the right case for it is one of the first things you should do. These great phones aren't cheap so you should protect your investment with a high quality case.There is a wide variety of phone covers available in various styles and price ranges. The following are some recommendations for iPhone 4 cases that you may find helpful.For a simple and inexpensive iPhone 4 case, the Rhino's DuraForm is a good option. This case is sold by many online retailers for under $10. This case is not made using actual rhino skin, which would be terribly expensive and probably illegal, but is made instead from a tough rubber. And because these cases have cutouts for the buttons on your phone, you won't have to take it out of the case to use it meaning your phone will remain protected. This lightweight and very durable iPhone case is available in several different colors. You can protect your phone and have a place to store it if you get a leather holster case. The Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo by Casemate is a good option for a leather holster. Aside from being convenient, they are great business accessories and give you a professional appearance.This particular case is made from Napa leather that gets wrapped around an impact resistant shell. The Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo costs about $50 and provides you with a place to keep your phone rather than in your pocket or purse.Another option for an iPhone 4 case is the Ballistic HC, which claims to be the toughest iPhone 4 case available anywhere. The HC stands for "hard core" and with four layers of protection including the screen, this case is definitely hard core. For those who are looking for a case to protect their iPhone 4, this is a good option. It also comes with a snap on clip so you can wear your phone on your belt. Most phone cases primarily offer protection from superficial scratches but the Ballistic HC offers complete protection. These cases sell for about $50. There are, then, a wide selection of cases that you can buy to protect your iPhone 4. For some, a phone case is a fashion statement, while for others it's a practical necessity to safeguard their phone. There's also the question of price, of course. If one of the aforementioned cases sounds perfect to you, give it a try; otherwise, look at some of the other iPhone cases that are for sale all over.