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ipod is a famous model of portable digital media player developed and marketed by Apple Computer. The ipod is the world's best-selling digital audio player. A simple user interface is provided by the ipod family devices developed around a central scroll wheel, with the exception of the ipod mix.

As the smaller ipod mix and ipod nano use flash memory, nearly all ipod models store press on an integral hard disk drive. An ipod, like most digital audio players, can serve being an additional data storage unit when attached to a pc. The discontinued variations of the ipod include two generations of the common ipod mini and four generations of the full-sized ipod, each of which had monochrome displays except for the fourth-generation ipod with color screen, which was once offered as ipod photograph before it changed the monochrome ipod in the top line. As of December 2005, the collection consists of the fifth-generation ipod that can play videos, the ipod nano that has a color screen, and the ipod shuffle; all three iterations were released in 2005.

The software employed for uploading videos, pictures, and music to the ipod is called iTunes. To study additional information, please consider taking a gaze at: digital altitude compensation. iTunes is a music jukebox application that stores a comprehensive library of the music on a user's computer, in addition to being able to play and split it from a CD. To get more information, people may check out: digital altitude compensation. The newest incarnations of ipod and iTunes have video playing and firm functions. Other types of data could be put into ipod as though it were a normal data storage device.

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