How to Change Any Diaper in a Hospital Bed

Learn the easy way to change any adult diaper even the Pull-Ups.If your caring for someone who is bed ridden or laying down this is the best way to change a adult diaper. You can change an adult diaper by yourself with ease. No fuss at all!First, you need to get prepared with everything you need baby wipes, powder and if necessary diaper rash cream.Removing Adult Pull-UpsTear apart each side of the diaper if diaper is adult Pull-Ups. Adult diapers with tape pull the tape a part.Pull the front of the adult diaper down to view content in the diaper. Clean the front throughly first with your baby wipes. Always wipe toward the back this will help keep infection from occurring.Roll the diaper toward the butt with contents and all. Gently turn the person over to their side.Clean their back side. Roll dirty diaper up and discard.Place fresh clean diaper next to the butt.Put your baby powder or cream on to protect the skin. Then roll them over on top of the clean diaper. Make sure the tape is toward and facing their back. Then roll them over to the other side. Pull diaper toward you so that it is centered.Peel the tape and pull toward the front. You will see where the tape will stick. Stick the tape there. Then put clothes back on.Removing and Putting on Pull-UpsDo not simply try to pull a pull-up down. Specially if you are changing because of a bowel movementPull-Up diapers can be taken off - sexy milf - the same way as tape type diapers except you tear the diaper apart on the sides when you are taking the Pull-Up off.How to put a Pull-Up on an adult. While they are laying on their back. Slip diaper over feet and legs through the holes. Pull up the adult diaper as far as you can while their still on their back.Gently turn them on their side you will see one side of the diaper is free. Pull up the side of the diaper. If there is a dirty bed pad now is the time to remove it than replace with a clean bed pad.Turn to the other side and pull that side up. Now you have changed an adult diaper without killing your back or making a big mess.