How to Build Business Credit Fast

Being able to fast is something that not everyone knows is possible. That’s because, in order to build corporate credit legitimately, one must know about a few tips and tricks of the industry. While taking chances that could spell financial ruin is not an option for most folks, wise business owners rely on a professional broker to get the job done. That is where comes in to play, helping clients just like you build business credit faster than ever.
How Can Help Clients Build Corporate Credit agents under the importance of having a well-rounded corporate credit portfolio. We know that your Paydex score matters a lot, especially when you try to get financed by a lender or vendor. Without an 80 Paydex or better, your chances of getting the money you need are slim to none.
While achieving an 80 Paydex on your own is definitely possible, it is both time consuming and difficult. For new businesses especially, a little boost can spell the difference between success and failure. is designed to help clients get where they need to be quickly. We assist our clients using a simple and easy five-step process:
1. CREDIT READINESS: We spend our time finding the key elements that are missing from your corporate credit report, to give you better outcomes once you begin applying for financing.
2. 80 PAYDEX PREPARATION: Using our effective methods to build business credit fast, you will achieve an 80 Paydex within about 45 days. However, we can most likely get you some kind of money before you ever get there.
3. ACCEPT FINANCING OPTIONS: For the next couple weeks, you will be presented with numerous lines of credit thanks to your ability to build corporate credit quickly.
4. REMOVE INQUIRIES: We will then utilize our sister companies to erase hard inquiries from the first round of funding, which in turn helps you to build business credit fast and maintain an impressive portfolio.
5. GO FOR ROUND TWO: Use your improved and burgeoning corporate credit score to get even more funding.
What Happens After You Build Corporate Credit?
At, we don’t just sell you a product or service and leave you there to figure things out on your own. As part of our process to help you build business credit fast, we also provide you with free access to one of our highly trained Credit/Funding Coaches for 6 months. Build business credit the swift and efficient way by letting us handle it for you. To get more information on how the process works, visit our website or contact one of our customer service agents 24/7.