How to Build a Toolbox

Age Range: 7 and upIf your little builders inherited the DIY gene, then they're more or less programmed to dive into Mom and Dad's tools. So maybe you should think about giving the handy helpers their own set--the better to get them involved while keeping your precious collection from getting trashed.This toolbox is just the thing to hold smaller, basic items that fit a young do-it-yourselfer's hands, including a hammer, saws, pliers, and screwdrivers. Building it is easy: The tools required are probably already in your stash, and the materials are readily available at a home center and a sporting goods store. Set yourself up on a sturdy worktable--in the workshop, the garage, even the playroom. The fun is in having something for everyone to do and getting in good practice for future projects. Download templates for this project Share a project you've built href=',,20165969,00.html' -,,20165969,00.html -