How to Book the Right Wedding DJ

Narrowing your selection can become time consuming, but doing this ensures that your DJ provides a one of a kind experience on your special day.Like all professional fields there are services that over promise and under deliver. This leads to unhappy clients and ruined memories. One way you can avoid an empty dance floor from occurring is by conducting thorough research. When talking with the various companies, you will realize all the options you have available as a client. After narrowing your choices, it is time to grill your disc jockey with the following questions.1.) Meeting the actual DJ is of the utmost importance. Most companies might send a sales representative to meet with clients the first time around. Majority of the wedding DJ companies in subcontract the work. If you Google search the DJs name from "Company A", you will find out that same DJ owns "Company B" and will charge you $200 less. A meeting with your entertainer will determine if they have the personality needed to fulfill your unique and special event. If you are having doubts after the first meeting then should look around a little more.You should never get double dipped as a client2.) As a client, you need to get a feel for how your DJ vocalizes wedding announcements. This can be done either in person, or by watching a video highlight. This is crucial since that entertainer will act as your spokesperson in front of your family and friends. Their vocals will reflect the tone of your wedding, as well as you and your fianc├ęs implied directions.3.) When booking wedding DJs it is perfectly normal to ask your entertainer how they will interact with your guests. They should be able to involve your family and friends in the party. When meeting with vendors, you should ask the entertainer about specific events in the past where they involved the family of the married couple. This includes instances of how they have handled an uncooperative wedding, since an unresponsive crowd is a worst case scenario. Learn about their past actions, this will give you insight on how they will problem solve a common concern.4.) While talking to your DJ, a good topic to discuss is how they will handle dedications, requests, and special announcements in their program. Is their time line very strict or flexible? Ask them about how they will keep your guests entertained. Give the entertainer you are meeting different scenarios and ensure they understand what kind of vibe you are looking to create. Some couples want high energy while others are looking for low key. You and your DJ Company should both be on the same page.5.) A good DJ will understand when to play jazz and when to play your favorite songs. Part of having smooth transitions from between music sets means the DJ understands the appropriate music selection. An experienced DJ will never take breaks or allow dead air. This makes guests lose focus as they become confused about what is happening. Once this occurs, it will be harder for the DJ to regain their attention and respect. The DJ should also communicate with all professional present such as the photographer, caterer, wedding planner, videographer, so that they do an excellent job for you.Remember to keep the points above in mind when meeting with your DJ.