How To Become A Stylist

What does stylists do?Have you ever wondered why and how we ape people who we see on television such as on Gossip Girl or in movies? Its the lookthat they exude, the style that they have, be it the makeup that they have on, or the fall of their hair or the cut of their clothes or the dress shoes that they have on. That is all thanks to a stylist. A stylist drapes a person in such a way that the persons inner being is in harmony with the outer. It is not only about upgrading a persons outer appearance, but making the person feel beautiful inside and out.For many, a stylist is merely someone who cuts your hair or applies makeup and if you ask anyone what a stylist is they will generally point you in the direction of a beauty salon or high fashion store. A stylist is much more than that, a stylist is a specialist, a connoisseur who uses their expertise in art and science to make people or objects look good in order that they make a statement about themselves.Stylists are people who need to have an artistic eye, be organized and work under pressure. Stylists work with actors, models, and other celebrities along with makeup artistes, photographers and TV/movie directors. They set up the tone and look and style of commercials, printed advertisements, music videos, movies, magazines or red carpet events. They work with celebrities, fashion houses, haute couturier so on and so forth.They conceptualize and develop fashion look for use in photo shoots or movie sets.Assesses a models wardrobe and makeup style.Dressing up a model in fashionable outfits, accessories and makeup that will not only complement each other but heighten their look.They network and build up their client list.They always are in sync with the latest fashion and trends.All this sounds very interesting and the next question that comes to mind is?How to become a stylistEducation:As in any other profession the key to success is education. You dont need a college degree to be a stylist but you could do courses in fashion design, fashion, visual and art merchandising, fashion styling, hair and makeup, communication and marketing. These courses will always be helpful.Training:Take up courses that will also include in the field training. Getting training in reputed style houses as part of the curriculum will not only gain you useful experience, but if you show potential you might get selected to be an apprentice or on the job training opportunity.Experience:Work, work and more work is the key to gain experience in this field. No one gets to be a stylist directly out of school. Be ready to work as an intern, apprentice and a jack-of-all and work your way up in this field.Portfolio.Build a portfolio of your work as a stylist and show to potential clients. You can also enlist yourself in an agency and get represented by them once you have made an extensive portfolio.If your dream is to work with some of the most stylish people; be they celebrities, members of the royal family, or rich and powerful people with discerning tastes then you could become a stylist.Posts related to How To Become A Stylist href='' - -