How They Crushed It: Tina Fey And Amy Poehlers Opening Globes Act

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Vaping Gives Politicians the Vapors

Still, he said, "I certainly can't guarantee that that is safe." But the real problem with e-cigarettes, according to Farley and other supporters of the ban, is that they look too much like the real thing. "E-cigarettes threaten, in my opinion, to undermine enforcement of the Smoke-Free Air Act," City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said last week. "Because many of the e-cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes and be used just like them, they can lead to confusion or confrontation." You might think that people of ordinary intelligence would pretty quickly learn to distinguish a burning stick of dried vegetable matter from an e-cigarette, which contains no tobacco and produces no smoke. Voucher Codes And the V2 Cigs Starter Kits Testimonial, LEARN MORE AT:

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Wood Creek Vapory Opening in Converse

These conclusions come from studies which show that nicotine is about as equally harmful to your health as caffeine. These studies also show that the real harm in traditional cigarettes comes from the tobacco smoke and the hundreds of additional added chemicals. Four very well known doctors, from the popular TV show "The Doctors", have also studied the electronic cigarette and was featured as one of their top 10 key health trends for 2010. The best ways to Utilize Your V2 Cigs Discount coupon Code, LEARN MORE AT: