How She Encouraged Us To Riches

So I was hanging out with my associates the other morning, and we were conversing about perhaps going down to the skate boarding rink and having some entertaining, as it's been a while since we did something like that, when something strange took place.

This exceptionally attractive gal asked us if we'd like to go with her to this blowout. Now, any time a beautiful girl talks to a bunch of goofy guys like me and my buddies, there's usually some kind of strings attached, like maybe she wants to consume your ailing liver, or maybe she's proceeding to kidnap you and make you work on some kind of dispatch or something.

But since we are easily manipulated and we didn't offer much of opposition, we resolved that getting our livers eaten wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Now two things come to mind when I recall this weird event. One is that it was really fun, but the other is that I'm pretty sure we thought everything.

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The only thing we did bear in mind is that when we awakened in the skate boarding rink, all of our pouches were filled with platinum and silver precious metal cash.

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