How Performs Someone Become Qualified As A Nascar Driver?

NASCAR has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. Anybody who has seen a NASCAR race or even highlights knows that it can be an extremely dangerous sport though. Just about every NASCAR race you'll see will have a wreck of some kind. Many times cars will hit each other or a wall and sometimes a car will even flip upside down. Cars usually weigh around as much as 3,400 pounds and can go around 200 miles per hour. Your regular air bags and seatbelts are not going to protect you from an accident at that speed. So how do NASCAR drivers stay safe? Here are some changes that NASCAR has made a car as precautions.
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Saturday's race at the 1.5-mile Ft. Worth oval marks the first night race of the - nascar radio - Sprint Cup Series season. The 501-mile event will air live on FOX at 7:30 p.m. ET.
NASCAR racing will bring new challenges for the Miller Lite team. A new crew chief in Steve Addington and new rules will make for an interesting season in the Penske camp. Also consider that Busch, now the senior member of the Penske team, has a new teammate, Brad Keslowski, will be taking over the #12 Penske entry. Keslowski is eerily similar to Kurt's brother Kyle, aggressive and unapologetic about his techniques to get to the winner's circle.
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