How My Thought process Was Cracked

This is a crazy scenario. Most people just feel that nothing here could possibly be true. In fact, if you do happen to feel this experience, then you will definitely need to have your head examined.

Of course, now that the warnings are out of the way, we can maybe proceed. Since every person in my neighborhood was pointing at my hair, I decided it was time to get it cut by a professional. You know it is.

But the guy I thought was going to cut my hair turned out to be somebody other than a locks cutter. He stuck my head in a strange machine.

But as it was looking inside my brain, it was showing all my thoughts up on a screen. When they were shown up on the screen, it was like I was watching video clips or something.

After they were done, everything had been moved around, like some patio and garden furniture. Of course, all my psychic concerns have been solved.

To see some more of this, take a look at the videos below. I'm sure you'll be outraged.

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