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When you hold a wedding reception for a few family and friends, it is not hard to pull off. A couple of plates of finger sandwiches and a big bowl of chips will do the trick. You can have ten pizzas delivered and break open a few liter bottles of soda and your done except for the wedding cake, which can be baked, right in your oven in about an hour. If you are inviting a couple of hundred people, however, now you are talking about an event and this kind of wedding reception takes planning and execution on a much larger scale. You will want to cater this kind of reception and offer more than just a sandwich and some soda. Let's look at some of what's involved with a huge wedding reception menu.
Lovers of photography often enjoy their passion with their journeys to places with beautiful views in order to take a great photos. This type of tourism is called "the photographic tour", and recently a number of travel companies in Vietnam have organized such tours to meet the needs of the clients who love "view-and-shoot".
To get sassy and attractive look, brides love to choose plus size off the shoulder wedding dresses. Specialty of this design is that it suits all age groups and body figures. As compared to other bride dresses, it shows sensual appeal without making bride flashy. What grabs the attention of viewers is plus size off the shoulder wedding dresses that makes the groom a mysterious and engaging personality. Showing a part of skin through one shoulder strap gives sizzling attitude. We use expensive chiffon fabric as well as laces to give traditional touch to such dresses. You can check other colors such as red, maroon, green and blue to make yourself noticeable on your special day. We recommend you to choose such type of dresses if your wedding ceremony is arranged in summer season. It is perfect style for a bride when beach or garden venue is selected for wedding.
Most of all, considering how quickly your actual wedding day will pass, your wedding stationery is something that lingers, something people can hold in their hands and keep. They can experience the tactile sensation of the paper you choose and enjoy your colors. If you're handy with your desktop computer, you can embellish your wedding stationery with a truly personal touch.
Your wedding reception will be so much fun when you start serving cocktails to your guests. Or it would be even better if you have an open bar. Just go easy on the hard drinks. You can go for the martinis or just Long Island Iced tea is even cooler. As for the food, with poolside wedding, have a buffet instead of a sit down dinner. And if you want your guests to stay longer, make sure you have snacks to go around. Finger food should always be ready, so have waiters go around serving them.
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