how long does it take to travel 500 light years?

Traveling at the speed of light, it would take 500 years. - get redirected here - But NOTHING can go AT or FASTER than the speed of light. EVERYTHING must go slower, so it will take longer than 500 years. At one-half the seed of light it would take twice as long, or 1,000 years. at one-tenth the speed of light, it would take 5,000 years. But the fastest HUMANS can go is about 25,000 MPH. [The fastest MANNED space ship was an Apollo trip, which reached 25,.000 MPH.] The speed of light is 670,615,200 MPH. So the fastest MAN has ever gone is 0.00003728 of the speed of light, or 0.003728 percent the speed of light. At that rate it would take 13,412,017.2 YEARS to get to this new planet, using any rocket currently available to man kind. Almost 13.5 MILLION years!