How Knowledgeable Are You About Professional Afrikaans Translation Services?


There are a few facts and important information for you to know if you want to provide professional and accurate Afrikaans Translation service. It requires a lot of precision and knowledge about the language as well as the culture and tradition of the people. Ideally, Afrikaans belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. This language is classified as Low Franconian West Germanic. It was usually derived from Dutch. Therefore, you must have proper knowledge of all the dialects of these languages to retain and convey the actual meaning of the source text to the people through the translated product.

The Regions Spoken

To start with, you must an initial idea about the language to lay a proper foundation of your translation project.

This language is native in the countries such as South Africa and Namibia. In fact, it is majorly spoken by the inhabitants of the western part of South Africa. It includes the regions of Western and Northern Cape.

As in Namibia, Afrikaans is the first language and is most widely used.

Apart from these places, you will also find a comparatively small group of people living in Angola, Australia, Lesotho, New Zealand, Argentina, Botswana, Swaziland, Taiwan, Zambia, USA, Zimbabwe and even United Kingdom speak Afrikaans.

About the Language

Afrikaans is spoken usually by two ethnic groups in South Africa. They are the Coloureds which include Cape Malays, Basters, and Griqua and Afrikaners.

As the Afrikaans language is derived from Dutch, both of these languages are reciprocally intelligible. In fact, the Afrikaans speakers understand Dutch more easily than the Dutch speakers.

   The grammar of Afrikaans language is quite different. It does not any difference between the present and infinitive verb forms. Moreover, all Latin alphabets are accepted and used in Afrikaans.

There were three different and unique dialectical variations of Afrikaans but after the 1830s most of the dialectal differences in Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Northern Cape was eliminated and Standard Afrikaans emerged.

Highly Centralized Language

Over time Afrikaans developed into a highly centralized language in which most of the vowels are spoken in a schwa-like way. Even if there are different accents and dialects it is mostly standardised when it is pronounced. This leads to a high possibility of things getting mixed up. That is why you need a professional and Accurate Afrikaans Translation Services Through Experts to prevent the actual meaning getting lost in the translation process.

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