How Installing a Low-E Window Film Can Save Money on Energy Costs

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, and people everywhere are looking for ways to save money on their utility bills. Todays newer, more energy efficient homes are being built with Low-E windows that reduce harmful ultraviolet, or UV, penetration and solar heat gain. But, for older homes, unless a homeowner can afford to replace all the existing windows with energy efficient ones, what can they do?A simple, cost effective answer is to install a window film treatment, either by doing it themselves or having it professionally done.Window Treatment Films Come With a Variety of Energy Saving BenefitsTodays window treatment films come in every shade, from tinting so light as to be almost invisible, to privacy tinting that prevents outsiders from seeing inside the home. Some brands, such as Gila, have films that can block up to 99% of UV penetration, which can protect a homes interiors and furnishings from fading.In addition to blocking harmful UV rays, some brands have films that can block solar heat gain inside the home, which will reduce the overall energy costs of maintaining the inside temperature in the Summer. Many also have a Low-E coating that can help retain heat inside the home during the winter months, thereby reducing heating costs as well.Top of the line brands can save hundreds of dollars a year on energy costs, which will help reduce the homes carbon footprint emissions by thousands of pounds. Gila even offers an energy savings calculator on their website that can estimate the annual savings and carbon emission reduction based on where the home is located, how large the home is, and which type of window film is to be installed. (see the link at the bottom of this article)Top Quality Window Treatment Films Begin to Pay for Themselves ImmediatelyInstalling a good quality window film treatment is fairly easy for the do-it-yourself types. But, in the event the homeowner is either unwilling or unable to perform the installation, there are several companies, such as Window Genie, that can install a variety of window films at a reasonable price.Once installed, the top line window treatment films will begin to pay for themselves immediately by reducing the amount of energy required to heat or cool the home, as well as making the interiors more comfortable by reducing the amount of annoying glare.Be Sure to Choose the Right Window Film for Your Windows Of course, all window treatment films arent for every type of window. Some films arent recommended for dual pane windows due to excessive heat absorption which can cause the gasket between the panes to fail, or even, in extreme cases, cause the glass to crack. Anyone interested in installing a window treatment film - - themselves should determine what type of windows they have and which films are safe to apply. Any professional window treatment film installers should be able to safely determine this for the homeowner.External SourcesFor those interested in installing Low-E windows instead of a window treatment film, this article contains more information on the subject: How Energy Efficient Windows Can Save You Money on HVAC CostsFor more helpful HVAC tips, follow this link to Heating & Air Conditioning Tips for Homeowners. href='' - -