how good is university of maiduguri in nigeria?

Well like the other answer has said,maiduguri is in Borno state of Nigeria.It is very close to the Republic of Chad and Niger and because of its proximity to the sahara desert it is very hot,humid and can be fly-infested.
However you must know that the people in the North of Nigeria are predominantly muslims of - - the Islamic Religion. University of Maiduguri on its own is one of the oldest universities in the Country (Nigeria gained her independence in 1960) and from experience the best universities in Nigeria are the old ones because they have been around for a while and have some of the best lecturers in the World.
Their medical - - schools would be one of the best equipped in Nigeria mainly for political reasons because most of the men who had led Nigeria either - - as Presidents or Military Head of States were from the North and definitely "looked out" for their people.Also most of these schools have very close working relationship with the United Nations or the World Bank and it could be that - - hiring someone of "your calibre" is one of the things the school need to fulfill to be eligible for the World Bank funds. However i must say that that area of Nigeria is one of the quiet areas and the people are very warm towards visitors.You might be uncomfortable in the first few months,(afterall it cannot be like home) but it gets better,that is if you want it to. Accept the people and remember they have different beliefs,cultures and probably religion from yours but they want the same - Nigerian - thing as most of us,better health and good quality education and generally a better life.
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