How Do You Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions?


For those who desire to have stunning eyes for the long term, eyelash extensions can be the perfect solution. They can last up to 6-8 months and you will not need any makeup as long as they are put in place. Eyelash extensions are not something you can DIY. In addition it is not the case that every hair extension salon will offer eyelash extensions. Before visiting, be sure to contact the salon and confirm.

The Rules of 25mm mink lashes, Extension Care

The most appealing feature of synthetic lashes, extensions is their attractive design. They're also simple to maintain and take care of. Follow these basic guidelines to get started. We'll attempt to provide an exhaustive list in this post.

After 24 hours Don't swim in the water for 24 hours

It is vital to keep the glue from coming in contact with water for at least 24 hours after application. To prevent glue from being removed, you should use an oil-free makeup remover.

The same rule applies following treatments for hair straightening. Do not be concerned about it. It's nothing but a mere requirement.

These eyelash extensions cleaner can be a safe and effective way to wash your eyelashes. Additionally there are many of oil-free and alcohol-free eye removers designed specifically for eyelash extensions. They are available in either a liquid or gel formula.

Get Rid of All Oil-Based products

When it comes to mascara extensions, skin-care creams cosmetics, products, and other items that contain oil solutions should be avoided. These products can reduce the lifespan of the lashes as a result of which they will fall off quickly. If you are unsure look up the ingredient list.

Use a minimal amount of mascara

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of mink lashes extension is that you can look more fuller without mascara. Many women would prefer to apply mascara at least once per week. It is safe so it's made specifically for eyelash extension. The mascaras that are water-based are generally but not waterproof and considered to be safer. Still, however they should only be used infrequently if you're looking to extend the life of your extensions.

Also, make sure that you apply the mascara based on water only on the tips of your lashes, using a single coat. Be aware of this! Only one coat is allowed. coat.

How To Remove Make-Up With Eyelashes on?

Cleansing eyes with extensions isn't easy. It's not difficult when you've mastered it.

In order to clean the eyes, apply an eyelash extensions safe cleanser on a cotton pad. Be sure that the cotton is soaked to the right level. This is because otherwise dry cotton could catch your eyelashes. Simply rub the cotton in your eyes but don't contact the eyelashes. Do not forcefully rub the eye-lashes as they are prone to fall out.

When you want to clean your eyes, you can use an eyelash wand. Use it to brush through the eyelashes very gently. Be careful not to applying the wand directly to the eyelash's tips.

A high level of moisture exposure can be harmful

Lashlashes may be damaged by prolonged humidity exposure on a regular basis. However, you can continue regular activities such as swimming, showering, and washing your face however you want. However, you must stay clear of direct contact with water for 24 hours following the application.