How Do You Clean Your PV?

Just like anything that you own that you use on a regular, everyday basis (assuming that youre a strong, heavy vaper), your PV will probably going to endure a lot of wear and tear. Think about it! You hold your PV a lot, so a lot of your sweat and grime is going to leech its way into your PV, especially in the small nooks and crannies. If you store your PV in the pocket of your jeans, small bits of dust, cloth, and grime will also sneak into your PV.
Aside from making your PV look old and used, the biggest downside of having a grimy and dirty PV is that the dirt and dust will affect the way that your PV performs. This is especially true if you have an all-metal (copper, silver, brass, or stainless steel) PV, which is prone to rusting or getting sticky because of residual juices and sweat. You may notice that you have a greenish build-up of gunk around your PV, especially around the contact points of your battery and springs.
One of the easiest ways to tell that your PV needs cleaning is that the body of your PV gets hot when you vape on it continuously. You will also notice that the firing button gets hot when you press on it for a long time. This means that the current is getting blocked by the gunk around the contact points, which gets the PV hot during use. Another way that you can tell that your PV needs cleaning is when the atomizer does not get as hot as it used to when you first bought it, and it was spanking clean! This also means that the current is got getting transferred efficiently, and you need to clean your PV as soon as you can.
In general, cleaning your PV is pretty easy, no matter what kind of material the PV is made of.
You will need to focus on the contact points between your PV and your battery, as well as the contact points between your PV and your atomizer. - haroldvhysell - - harold v hysell - You will need a clean cloth, a screwdriver to remove the screws, and if the build-up is really bad, some cleaning agent. White vinegar or soft drinks work very well. If the build-up is really bad, you will need to soak your PV (taken apart) in the soft drink or vinegar. Leave it there for at least a day, then remove it and wipe it down. Allow it to dry completely by air drying it. Make sure that you remove all the gunk that you see. At times, you may need to scrub it with an old, clean, and dry toothbrush to completely remove all the gunk.