How do i deal life when i am not appreciated and loved.People laugh at my looks and say im ugly?

I'm really sorry for what you been through... my sympathy goes out to you. There is someone always in worse position than you. People just deal with it differently. We didn't get to choose who we are born as, it's all genetics. The life you have, is what you make of it. You can be confident and grateful and amazing as you choose to be... you can have that. You can be anything you want. You are not who you are by your APPEARANCE. You know appearance alone is never what attracts people... it's someone's personality, aura, humour, good heart etc. Attributes are often what makes someone stand out or be beautiful. You'd be surprised that alot of guys aren't shallow... alot of guys would accept a girl even if she isn't all that in looks if he likes/loves her as a person. I've seen many people who are not the best in looks, but they are carefree and happy.. and those are the people i admire and envy too... because i don't have that "carefreeness" even though i am attractive... so i appear actually quite ugly because of my drab aura. Do you understand?