How do I cope?

After 47 years of marriage and 48 years of life together,  finding out about my husband's year long affair with the friend of one of his clients has brought me to my knees  (literally and figuratively ). 

I've  heard the typical responses,  I didn't mean for it to happen  (what a crock), I still love you  (I'd hate to see what you would do if you hated me ), I'm not going to abandon you  (yeah, I think you already have ).

I'm not sure how to stop crying.  I think I'm free of his perfidy and then I find I can't breathe. Our lives have been so entwined for so long,  I feel like a part of me has been amputated. I turn to prayer each time I go into obsessive one sided conversations with him. It has helped, I am seeing a therapist, he's great.  

I  miss him so much and I am so incredibly angry. 

He is now "renting " a room in her house.  He needs time to be by himself.  How do you do that when you are playing house with her.