How Devin Hester Went from Most Feared Returner to Virtual Afterthought

Devin Hester open to a trade

Since 2008 he has had just six. What made Hester so great was his ability to get the football and just run. He is at his best when he relies on his instincts. Putting a playbook and new responsibilities on his shoulders was too much for a man who was too proud to tell people he couldn't handle it. If there is blame to be delivered it goes to the former Bears ' brass and not on Hester. The most electrifying player in football was within his right back in 2008 to want a new contract, but it was his general manager and coach who let him down by forcing a role too big on him to justify the money. In hindsight, it was a huge mistake to force Hester into a role he was never ready for. It was done out of fear of what the media and fans would think as well as trying to squeeze every drop out of a player. While Hester was a wide receiver, he had no brilliant offensive mind to help him through the process. Remember he played cornerback at the University of Miami . It is a failure of epic proportions to have a player change positions without having somebody viable bring him up to speed. Ron Turner, Mike Martz,Mike Tice and even Lovie Smith did Hester a disservice. Nobody should be shocked Marc Trestman comes on the scene and immediately identifies Hester as just a return man. Trestman knows he still has a valuable weapon in Hester. Taking the pressure of knowing an offensive set off his plate will go a long way towards getting Hester back to his old form.

In trying to support Hester, Drake indicts him