How D.c.s Sewage Will Soon Generate Electricity

D.C. area forecast: Seasonably cool today; mostly dry thru weekend, flurries aside

Construction has already begun in D.C. on a 17.2 foot-high sea wall designed to protect the plant from a 500-year storm surge that could otherwise flood D.C. with raw sewage. The sea wall will cost an estimated $13.2 million and is expected to be completed in 2021. D.C. Water is also investing $450 million on an on-site digester that will transform its daily 120 tons of treated solid waste into enough natural gas to keep the plant running even if extreme weather knocks out power to the area. Biosolids once sent to surrounding farms for use as fertilizers, will now stay on site and be processed by 4 anaerobic digesters. visit

D.C. Takes Big Step Toward Ending Marijuana Arrests

That keeps highs in the mid-to-upper 30s. Fortunately, winds are light so not too much of a bite! The night starts out starlit and later in the evening, the moon rises in conjunction with one of the brightest stars in the sky, Regulus. However, clouds are likely to quickly increase as another clipper zips into the area giving us yet another 30% chance of a dusting of snow late night. Lows drop into the 20s (lower burbs, upper downtown). Confidence: Medium-High Sunday should see skies quickly clear in the morning as the clipper moves out to sea. visit

Flickr: Doug Kerr Hawaii Legalized for medical use. Flickr: Ricymar Fine Art Photography Illinois Legalized for medical use. Flickr: indywriter Maryland Passed ballot initiative for legalized medical marijuana in 2012. Michigan Legalized for medical use. Flickr: ckay Montana Legalized for medical use. Flickr: csbarnhill Nevada Legalized for medical use. Flickr: http2007 New Hampshire Legalized for medical use. Flickr: psflannery New Mexico Legalized for medical use. visit