How criminals got into Dawie Roodts house

Jacaranda FM asked former SAPS top cop Major General Bushie Engelbrecht to investigate the security of the house where Dawie Roodt was attacked last month [Also read:Why I wont leave South Africa].Roodt chief economist at Efficient Group was seriously injured in an armed robbery at his home in the Luberon Estate in Pretoria East.Criminals held his family hostage while the robbery took place, and only after a fight with Roodt fled the scene.To shed more light on the situation, Engelbrecht prepared a report which highlighted weaknesses in the estates security, as well as Roodts house.Here is what the security expert found which allowed the criminals to enter Roodts house and get away with stolen goods.The guards at the estates gate did not search vehicles, which means criminals can easily exit the property with stolen goods.The electric fence installed on the perimeter wall was not switched on.There were electrical boxes close to the high perimeter fence, which allow criminals to easily climb over the fence.Steel palisade fencing was used in some areas for protection. This makes it easy for criminals to get through by sawing through the fence, or digging under the fence.The security beams at Roodts house were not activated.The security expert said there areseveral things Roodt can do to secure his property.Install security doors, which should remain locked.Install a camera system to monitor and record movements around the house.Install panic buttons the more noise you can make during a robbery the better.More on securityHow to fix South Africa in three simple stepsBeware the electric fence you installNew electric fence rules for SA: how you are affectedSouth Africa is falling apart, and Zuma thinks all is fine