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Conformity motives were not included in the model because they were not related statistically to quantity of cannabis use. The interaction between anxiety sensitivity level and coping motives was not statistically significant (p?=?.99, B?=??.0001, SEB?=?.01), and it was removed from the model (data not displayed in Table 3). Table 3 demonstrates that when all relevant motives and covariates were included in one model, the interaction between anxiety sensitivity and enhancement motives was related marginally to quantity of cannabis use (p?=?.10). Examination of the simple slopes demonstrated a disordinal interaction (lines that intersect; see Fig. 1). Enhancement motives were not related to cannabis use for individuals high in anxiety sensitivity (Wald ��2?=?.06, p?=?.81, B?=?.01, SEB?=?.03), but were related to cannabis use for those low in anxiety sensitivity (Wald ��2?=?11.06, p? significant. When the regression model was repeated using ASI-3 scores as a continuous variable, the interaction between anxiety sensitivity and enhancement motives was not statistically significant (Wald ��2?=?1.95, p?=?.16, B?=??.002, SEB?=?.001). Likewise, the interaction was not statistically significant when using a median split (Mdn?=?13; Wald ��2?=?.89, p?=?.34, B?=??.03, SEB?=?.03); however, the interaction was marginally significant when using a tertile split (tertile 1, 0 to the middle tertile significantly differed from the slope for those in the highest tertile (Wald ��2?=?5.32, p?=?.02, B?=?.07, SEB?=?.03); however, the slope for the middle tertile did not statistically differ from the slope for the lowest tertile (Wald ��2?=?2.28, p?=?.13, B?=?.05, SEB?=?.03). Although individuals in the lowest tertile reported using more cannabis for enhancement motives than those in the highest tertile, the difference between these slopes was not significantly different from each other (ie, the slopes were roughly parallel; Wald ��2?=?1.04, p?=?.31, B?=?.03, SEB?=?.03). The purpose of the present study was to examine comprehensively the relations among anxiety sensitivity, cannabis use motives, and quantity of cannabis use in a sample of individuals seeking smoking cessation treatment.