How can I make spring cleaning feel more like a fun weekend activity, and less of a grueling chore?

One weekend a few springs ago, my dad had to go on a business trip, so my mom and I decided to clean the house so he could sleep in a nice, clean house.I suggest dividing up the tasks between you and your wife. We went through the house and saw which rooms needed the most work, and then divided up those rooms between the two of us. I suggest doing that. Go through the house with your wife and see which rooms need the most work, and then split it up like that. That way, you don't have to worry about those rooms when you get to the less-messy rooms.To make it less like a chore, if you can, have some friends over to help you. The more hands there are helping, the faster it goes. Plus, if you have friends help you, you can chat with them while cleaning. Usually having friends over to help with tasks like moving or cleaning makes anything feel like fun, and less like a chore. If having friends over doesn't work, then just turn on the television or listen to some music when cleaning.Then, once the messiest rooms are done, all you have are the rooms that just need some dusting and vacuuming. Again, just put on the radio, or have friends over, and do those rooms, and then you're done with the house.Also remember that you have the whole weekend, so take your time. If you can't finish all the rooms on Saturday, no worries. Just finish them on Sunday. That's the magic of the weekends. You have two days to get any necessities done. Haha.I hope this all helped!!Good luck!!xoxoShoshanna?). .o .o*) ?.(`o.o)(..o (.o` ? .`o..o ? .o*.o*? .o*??.o**` href='' - -