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Make Money Off Your Own Website or Online Store S It's also possible to make money with your own blog or passive-income-producing website . JetSetCitizen highlights fourteen travel bloggers and how they generate enough income from their blogs to fund their travel. Some of these include using affiliate links/ads or offering information products for sale. You'd need a good amount of traffic before your blog lets you quit your day job, but if you can offer something no one else does in a particular niche and are willing to do some marketing, you have a better chance. Or if you have a hobby and something worth selling, you could set up your own online store on your website or using a store-building service . If you're crafty, of course there's Etsy . In short, there are lots of scam-free ways to make money onlinewhether it's a quick buck or more substantial side income. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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Aimed at enhancing the experience of web users interested in capitalizing on the web, Lomadee, the online advertising platform of the Buscap Company, leader of the Latin American affiliate market, connects major advertisers to publishers (websites, blogs and social networks). Through direct links and apps, content generators gain access to exclusive offers for learn a way to make money at home UK their audiences. Elected the best local market affiliate network by the eShow Award, Lomadee holds exclusive contracts with Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and major Brazilian retailers, on a global scale. Additionally, the platform participates in the most important event of the segment, the Affiliate Summit, held in the U.S. "Our concept is to show affiliates (publishers) and all other stakeholders that it is possible and feasible to generate income from blogs, websites and social media profiles. What used to be a hobby has now become an actual business hub," said Guga Stocco, Vice President of the Buscap Company. Online initiatives and operations have become paramount for successful companies; segmented access to consumers, through opinion makers such as blog writers, is a very efficient path to reach expressive results. "The long and winding road between publishers and advertisers now has a fast shortcut. Major corporations are able to reach an entire network of consumers with its offers. Everyone wins," said Stocco. Lomadee ( ): online advertising platform, spearheading the Latin American affiliate market, which promotes partnerships between online channels and advertisers. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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Then theres every pajama-clad bloggers dream: producing content supported by advertising dollars. Selling advertising is how thousands of established online media outlets pay their electric bills. They charge advertisers two ways: by the number of overall Web pages (called impressions) served up, and by the number of people who click on the ads. Setting up a blog requires not much more than a basic publishing program, a server and software to track ad clicks. The hard part, though, is attracting enough eyeballs to make it worth someones while to pay to advertise on your site. To have any prayer of attracting large advertisers, sites need to attract at least 500,000 unique visitors per month, says David Hauslaib, publisher of, a media and gossip blog that counts Coca Cola and Sketchers among its advertisers. Sadly, even if you do generate enough traffic, the click-through rates on ads tend to be quite lowin the neighborhood of one half of 1%. Subscription-based models are even harder to crack. Unless your site fulfills an urgent need (for tangible investment ideas, a potential mate, etc.), users arent likely to pay for the content. One way to garner subscription revenue is to run a virtual marketplace. These sites collect by allowing buyers and sellers easy access to each other. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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Anytime anyone buys a product you're pitching, you get a cut. And you can choose from more than a million products, including gift cards or computers. At ClickBank, commissions are even higher -- up to 75 percent -- and there are more than 50,000 products to choose from. Signing up is free. On the downside, some ClickBank products can be of poor quality, says Bethany Mooradian, owner of So some products are easier to pitch than others. One solution is to buy the product ahead of time to assess its quality, she says. Dish out answers If you're an information junkie, this gig is for you. There are several to choose from to make money online. At and, you become an expert after taking a brief test. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

uses Windows 8 computers and tablets in their tech scenes. Last year it was Microsoft SkyDrive, and the year before that it was iPads and MacBooks.) Find someone in your niche and ofter to mention them frequently (but indirectly) on your website for a fee. 30. Co-branding Similar to placement advertising but more explicit. Find a company willing to pay for your seal of approval. For example, if you run a leading review site in the medical practice software niche, offer to let a software company pay you to advertise their products as tested and approved by [your site]. 31. Alternative advertising Making money from a website doesnt mean your website needs to make money directly. If you use your website to attract social media followers, consider sending an occasional paid advertisement to your followers for some extra profit. 32. Sell links Yes, I know Google doesnt approve of paid linking, but a small number of paid links will look natural enough and help pad your profitable bottom line. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit