How Apple Watch is trying to change travel

The Apple Watch will have many travel-ready applications.(Apple)Apple released details of its long awaited Apple Watch Monday, and with it came the announcement of a slew of partner apps and services for the busy traveler.Designed to fit on your wrist like a traditional time piece, Apple's new invention is being lauded as a way for jet setters to be able to juggle jam packed itineraries on the go. It's unclear how many would be willing to spend $350 for the most basic version or who would even risk leaving the house with the $10,000 18k gold option.But, already several companies jumped onboard with new Apple Watch apps designed to let travelers do everything from book travel, open hotel room doors and pay for bills.Check out some of the ways this high-tech gadget is trying to change the way we travel in 2015.1. You may never miss a flight again.American Airlines was the first airline to announce it will have an Apple Watch ready app come April. To take some of the stress out of flying, the app will allow customers to check in, easily view airport maps--no more fumbling around for gates--and provide alerts for pertinent flight information. Other airlines will likely follow suit.2. An all-in-one travel experience.From computer to airport to hotel, and back again, the Expedia app also promises "you may never miss another flight." With detailed flight and hotel information, check-in capabilities and more, the Expedia app looks like its trying to be a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.3. Hotels will allow you use it for just about everything.Starwood Hotels Resorts will allow guests to access hotel directions, check in, and even unlock room doors using the Apple Watch. No more lost or demagnetized key cards--hooray.4. Hail a ride.Traveling in an unfamiliar city can be difficult if you are not sure how to get around. Luckily, Apple Watch wearers will be able to hail an Uber cab from cities where the service is available. The app was demonstrated during the product unveiling and looks quite similar to the smartphone version, expect smaller.5. Reviews at your fingertips (or on your wrist).Both travel review site TripAdvisor and restaurant reservation site OpenTable will release watch-ready apps. OpenTable will allow you to also manage restaurant reviews from afar and guide to you the right spot when its time to eat.6. No car? You may never get lost again on public transport.The Citymapper app provides detailed information on urban public transportation systems, using your current location. No more looking like a helpless lost tourist as your scan for directions on your phone--locals will just think you're checking the time. The app also has a feature that gently vibrates when you reach your destination.7. Adjust the thermostat and lights from afar.Forget to turn down the heat before taking that flight? Two apps let you control things at home when you're not there. The Honeywell Lyric app allows you to program settings like "I'm Away" under pre-determined settings to save energy. Lutron Caseta allows users to control lights from out of town, too.8. Don't get caught in sudden stormy weather.The popular weather app DarkSky will have an Apple Watch counterpart this spring. The app detects rain or snow in your exact location up to an hour in advance. Timeline views up to a week are also available for longer trips.