How An Auto Insurance In Galesburg And Biggsville Helps In The Event Of Any Accident

Chances are always there to meet a car accident at least once in a lifetime. Traffic accidents take place daily and range in intensity. But irrespective of the severity of the accident, there are a couple of steps that every driver should follow in the aftermath of an auto accident.

If someone gets into an accident, here are the things to follow.

  • Stop – Right after getting into accident, the drivers need to stop. Even if the accident is caused by the driver, then also they shouldn’t run. Rather they should take responsibility and acknowledge the mistake. Causing an accident and then fleeing from the venue is a big crime. If the driver is being hit, it would be better to stop. Otherwise, the person who has hit the car would report that the driver has run from the scene and this may put the driver into serious trouble. So whoever has committed the error, it’s recommended not to leave the place of accident.

  • Check for any injury – Right after the accident, the driver must check own self, the passengers and the people in the other vehicle for any injuries. If the injuries need medical care, just dial 911. Before focusing on the damage done to the car, the driver should check everybody for possible injuries.

  • Call police, if needed – If the accident is severe or if it’s a hit and run situation, the police must be informed. Usually the carriers of auto insurance in Galesburg and Biggsville, require the drivers to inform the police in case of a hit and run situation, if they are really interested in getting the damage covered. Serious accidents needs police involvement, especially if the accident backs up traffic or if debris blocks the road. However, for fender benders, police involvement isn’t required.

  • Exchange info – Irrespective of the seriousness of the accident or whether the driver is the culprit or the victim, information must be exchanged with opposite party. Such information may include name, address, contact number, license plate number and driver’s license number. Besides providing information, collecting information from all the individuals involved in the accidents is also required. This information is required by the insurance company during filing the claim. Also taking photos of the damages with the phone is highly recommended to document the damage. But if it’s not possible, the driver must write down details of the damages and handover all these to the insurance company while filing claim.

  • Contact insurance provider - And last but not the least, right after the accident, the insurance in Galesburg and Monmouth IL should be intimated and provided with all the details of the accident. In case of an injury or if the amount of damage to the car is worth $750 or even more, then it should be reported to the DMV, or else, the driver’s license may be suspended.

These are the things one must observe immediately after an accident.