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A Critique of Without A Prayer: Ayn Rand And The Close Of Her System, by John W. Robbins (Hobbs, New Mexico: The Trinity Basis, 1997).

In the quest to offer a foundation for civil liberties and flexibility in basic, many have tried to set forth a philosophical foundation. Making upon the proper foundation is absolutely important. No make any difference how brilliantly elucidated a philosophy purporting to be the basis for flexibility may possibly be, getting a defective foundation will lead to the whole edifice to ultimately collapse.

Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, known later by her writer's identify Ayn Rand, sought to set up the philosophical basis for flexibility utilizing man's cause as the information. This try on Rand's aspect would prove to be no small activity considering that "at age 13 she determined she was an atheist" (p.109). Robbins argues persuasively in this get the job done that Rand's atheistic philosophy identified as Objectivism, does not have satisfactory starting up factors or presuppositions which direct to liberty. Rand was a brilliant author, novelist and philosopher but as Robbins points out it is extraordinary to think that Rand, at the age thirteen, scrupulously considered the regular arguments for God's existence and in addition also "excogitated refutations of them" (p.111).

Robbins faults Rand not for the use of logic but for not being reasonable sufficient, and relentlessly retains Rand to the regular of rational consistency. Robbins demonstrates conclusively that numerous of Rand's conclusions are mistaken, this kind of as her atheism and empiricism. All those who question Rand's dedication to empiricism and materialism are incorrect, considering that Rand thought "at beginning, a child's brain is tabula rasa" (p.29, basic empiricism) and "issue is indestructible, it modifications its forms, but it are unable to cease to exist" (p.a hundred and twenty materialism). Robbins also demonstrates that where Rand occurred to be suitable in her conclusions (with out logical defense), even these concepts have been set inside the context of mistake and are hence, invalidated.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).force({})

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