Hot Aisle Containment Systems

Hot aisle containment enclosures or systems for data centers can help reduce cooling costs and make your energy output more efficient. http://www.fabracraftdatacentercurtai...At FabraCraft, were dedicated to helping our clients design and build data centers that work best for their businesses, and that includes setting up hot aisle containment enclosures that channel warm air upward.This helps reduce the overcooling of a large area, making your energy costs more manageable. Enclosures are built in such a way that the hot air is forced out and replaced with cooled air, so your data center runs optimally.Learn more about hot aisle containment systems and data center design today. Visit FabraCraft online at http://www.fabracraftdatacentercurtai...FabraCraft590 Lively BoulevardElk Grove Village, IL, 60007Phone: 847-906-8645