Horoscopes for Today (08 February 2014)

Yahoo! UK:
You are starting to question your beliefs about what is ethical. It's difficult to be true to your principles when so many unethical people seem to prosper. Whenever you feel discouraged, take up an activity that bolsters your spiritual life. Watch a sunset, volunteer for a good cause or read an uplifting book. Resist the urge to fill an emotional void with shopping trips and romantic trysts. What makes you really happy is connecting with nature, art and humanity.

Yahoo! Canada:
Main overview:
Your internal monologue may turn into a dialogue -- or even a chorus! Your energy is splitting over and over again, but eventually you should find a way to bring it all back together.


Don't conceal a thing right now. Your best bet is to go beyond honesty into full disclosure. Your candor might surprise someone, but it will work out for the best as far as everyone is concerned.


You have way too many things on your To Do list today. And when you get overwhelmed, you miss the small details that make all the difference in the world. Calm down and take a few breaths today, Cancer, or things could snowball in a costly way.


1. I was involved in an ethical investment which is taking out £100 per Month under a 12 Month contract and all I've got in return has been a paltry 69p. This has been playing on my mind as I still haven't found any permanent Income yet.

2. Today my Brother was late for his driving lesson and I had to buy stuff for Gran. It looks like I will have to withdraw another £10 from the £50 I withdrew at a local Post Office as Gran is looking a 'Chicken Dinner' and I only have around £3 left outside of the £35 I have to pay for my Brother's driving lesson.

3. I have to deal with my inner demons. The fear of what I would do if unleashed scares me.

4. I was reversing out of a car park when in my rear window a car came scooting the way of the exit.

I'm trying to live a prosperous life, but feel that you have to be a Pig Headed and Ideologically Driven to earn money.