Homes Where Solar Panels Come Standard

Even if you don't live in sunny Nevada, you can still harness the power of the sun. Government incentives and tax breaks have dropped - - the cost of solar panels by 50% or more. Many solar power companies will help you prepare and submit forms to get your credit. Most systems pay themselves back in energy savings in 5 years or less.Why would you want to consider living in a solar-powered home? For starters, you can have additional reliability in case of grid interruptions or power outages. Grid-tied solar energy systems can also allow you to feed excess generated power back into the grid, to give you a credit on your energy bills.How would it feel to see your meter turning backwards? It can happen.Other benefits of living solar include security against rising electricity prices. And we cannot forget the "green" benefits. The vast majority of grid-based electricity in the U.S. comes from coal plants. Any reduction in power demands from that source can reduce tons of CO2 emissions, minimizing the size of your carbon footprint.Lest you not believe that one person can make a difference, click on the calculator in the link below to see how much you can save in energy costs by switching to solar power:How Much Can You Save By Switching to Solar Power? href='' - -