Home Sweet Home

Just got back from our 10 day vacation visiting family. Was mostly ok. It's always good to get away. I was a little depressed driving back, but now that I'm here I'm happy to be home. Will be nice sleeping in my own bed.
The next couple of days will be spent unpacking, laundry, dusting/cleaning etc. Being on vacation has really made me want even more to have more fun and creativity in my life. Hope I can make it happen.  
Ma has an appointment with the cardiologist on Friday. I tried to reschedule it so we could have a longer trip.....but there wasn't an appointment sooner than 3 months.



I too have those same feelings when I get back home from vacation and back to full time caregiving.....wanting to have more fun and creativity in my life. I hope you can make the effort and find the time to do so. Don\'t over work yourself trying to catch up from vacation. Hugs, Dan