Hollywoods long history of misrepresentation of size, culture and more

They want Charlton Heston to play a Mexican!a Indeed, rumour has it that Welles would have preferred to cast Ricardo Montelban as the ace Mexican detective married to a white woman, but the studio didnat have any faith that mainstream America would embrace the mixed marriage or a non-white actor. Ricardo Montelban as Nakamura in Sayonara (1957) a Montelban was Mexican, but wasnat allowed to play Mexican. However, he was allowed to play Japanese in this adaptation of James Micheneras novel about U.S. occupying forces in post-war Japan. Montelban plays Nakamura, a truly fascinating character who does not exist in Micheneras original, but tells leading man Marlon Brando that kabuki actors are adept at appropriating the identity of the other. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.canada.com/entertainment/Hollywood+long+history+misrepresentation+size+culture+more/8621920/story.html