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In their application , published by Ars Technica, a CNN content partner, Snaproll said shots done with lightweight, remote-controlled drones would be safer and less disruptive than current shoots that use helicopters. Snaproll said its drones weigh less than 55 pounds, including camera equipment, and almost always travel at speeds of less than 57 mph. "All flights will occur over private or controlled access property with the property owner's prior consent and knowledge," the Tennessee-based company wrote. "Filming will be of people who have also consented to being filmed or otherwise have agreed to be in the area where filming will take place." The suggestion of an exemption marks something of a change for the FAA. As companies from Web retail behemoth Amazon to pizza chain Domino's have toyed with the idea of deploying kim kardashian sekstape free drones, the administration has been slow to craft new rules and regulations for them. The Alaska exemption, for ConocoPhillips oil company, came only after prodding from Congress. Hobbyists in the United States are allowed to fly http://budtejx.centerblog.net/1-welcome-to-my-web-journey small drones below 400 feet for noncommercial purposes. But one of the administration's key concerns is how to allow commercial drones without endangering airplanes and other existing, manned aircraft. After a decade of pondering, the FAA said it plans to release a proposal for new regulations in November. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/04/tech/innovation/movies-drones-faa/index.html