Holiday Shopping Spree Not For Everyone

WSL Survey Says Men May Do More Holiday Shopping This Year

Still others are waiting for bigger bargains. And people like Lark-Marie Anton Menchini are more thoughtful about their purchases. The New York public relations executive says in the past she'd buy her children up to eight Christmas gifts each, but this year they're getting three apiece. The leftover money is going toward their college savings. "We told them Santa is ... being very conscious of how many gifts he puts on his sleigh," Menchini, 36, says.

And weve been doing our civic duty and keeping the economy afloat by shopping for the holidays. (Its a hard job but someone has to do it.) But it turns out the fate of the holiday season rests entirely on another demographic. After a WSL survey debunked the long held myth that men dont like to shop , it should come as no surprise that the fate of the holiday season rests in their handsor more accurately, their wallets. According to WSLs latest findings, which revealed mens shopping strategies, the authority on shopper behavior and retail trends concluded that men could make the difference between a good and bad holiday season. It was found that when compared to women, men are less apprehensive about spending, or overspending, with only 38%compared to 58% of womenplaning to cut back on spending. And although, like their female counterparts, they actively seek sales and prefer to shop online , the fact still remains that 32% of men are willing to pay a little more to shop in stores that they can get in and out of quickly. So what does this all mean? For one thing, if retailers are wise they will shift their focus to the demographic that is now willing to spend. This is the time of year for retailers to really cater to men.