Holding Out For A Hero3+? Gopros New Cameras Are Smaller, Speedier

Duke Researcher Produces New Camera 100X Stronger

The new GoPro Hero3+ cameras add a few improvements to the already-excellent Hero3 lineup, and although the changes are conservative, theyre welcome. The new Hero3+ lineup is smaller, lighter, and has a longer-lasting battery than last years Hero3. In short: The new Hero3+ lineup is smaller (GoPro says 20 percent smaller, but there are no dimensions listed on the companys site), lighter (20 percent is quoted again, but the Hero3+ has the same 2.6 oz. For more information please visit http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/10/new-gopro-cameras/

The Radical Camera: New Yorks Photo League

Other cameras have had pictures that are a giga-pixel in size, but Marks says the most unique feature to their camera is that it is all one snapshot. What we have aimed to do is, our camera literally takes a snapshot, and its a single giga-pixel image, currently its about a tenth of a second so you really see a single instant in time Marks states. Their newest camera was built only a few months ago and has a 100 degree by 30 degree camera angle. The giga-pixel camera research is currently funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency with the intention to help protect soldiers in the field and identify threats from afar. Marks says they took this into consideration when designing camera to take wide-angle photographs. It became likely to be used for terrestrial imaging, for imaging on the ground, and if you have a wide-angle camera you find out your mostly taking pictures of the sky and ground so it doesnt really make sense to have a vertical field of view thats really large Marks says. Currently, in a test done with the camera, Marks found that their camera can see boats five times farther away than the ones the military uses. The research being done on this camera can be useful for many other applications as well. The camera has potential uses in sporting games, but Marks says some of the optical design in the giga-pixel camera can benefit telescopes and help further other academic research. For more information please visit http://chapelboro.com/news/higher-education/duke-research-produces-new-camera-100x-stronger/

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Sydney under watch: new cameras in the wake of Thomas Kelly's king-hit death

(Rosalie Gwathmey/The Jewish Museum/ Estate of Rosalie Gwathmey/Licensed by VAGA) Sidewalk Clock, New York 1947: This unique sidewalk clock, embedded by Barthman Jewelers on the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane in 1898, is a hidden gem of New Yorks former jewelry district. In 1946, it was estimated that 51,000 people unwittingly stepped on the clock between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day. The clock, which was given a new face shortly after this picture was taken, still works today. For more information please visit http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/02/the-radical-camera-new-yorks-photo-league/