Hit a Snag

Boy, the last week or so I've been busy, and enjoying friends, etc.  But with my husband, I'm feeling cranky critical again, and am quiet around him, to avoid voicing these childish unreasonable feelings.  Still, they leak out.   it's like some 8-yr old kid took over my thoughts, and I am not happy about that.  I guess I need to continue with Step 6 & 7 some more.  I had quit being critical or sarcastic around him for several months, but now this 'character defect' has returned with a vengeance.
I think recovery happens in waves and is not a straight line.  I think that also it is aided by daily maintenance of my spiritual condition.  So if I'm not feeling that I'm in recovery, and feeling like one of my defects has returned, am i just tired out or can i take an honest look at my behavior lately? 
Since i got to feeling better, I started not doing so much spiritual work in the mornings, instead enjoying reading, and not meditating either.  Surprise: I got sicker again.
Hmmm. I'm glad I wrote here.  Haven't observed this about myself till I sat down to write.



Words from a very wise woman I have read today! You are so in-touch with those feelings and I am inspired! Hugs to you!

It is amazing how helpful it can be when you write them down. And - you\'re right - recovery does happen in waves. It\'s a process.

I noticed that too (in myself) - that when I slack off in the spiritual department - it shows.

What\'s wonderful now though - is that you\'re aware that you need to get back on track. In the ol\' days - it was the other person\'s fault and that you had every right to respond in a negative way.

This is called growth - awareness. It\'s great that you can recognize that in yourself. I hope, however, that you cut yourself a little slack.

Hope your weekend goes well!