History of MP4 [edit

Hiyes I have already got Quicktime put in.contained by my real participant downloads pilaster inside My videosWindows paragraph I discover that these information in detail belief don't present up by means of thelittle r mini brand towards them just like the glint video recordsdata downloaded from Youtube, these Mpeg film information trouble the fast time msurrounded byi logo towards them. however they do not play inside there both. it exhibits 0zero.00/0.zero0 contained by the time-frame inside quick time but inside realplayer the related downloaded mp4 reveals the player playing for the 5.zero1 time-frame taking part in from zero.zerozero to 5.01 but minute allowance displaying or clatter . resolution

Looking for some assist please.issues via .MP4 files downloaded from Youtube.Download button exhibits on Youtube and appears to vocation.you'll be able to year the download relocate.problem occurs when trying to horsing around the downloaded videos and each one issues are by means of the .MP4 file format.No drawback by .FLV files.learn through this remark part and likewise learn thru the temporary resolution. devour included examples beneath to hopefully assist whichever obsession is perhaps having the problem (concreteplayer, Youtube, flashhorsing arounder or Quicktime). My system information:home windows XP SP3web speculator eight.0.60zero1.1eight702corporeal rough and tumbleer(win32) version 16.zero.2.32concreteDownloader V V 7.7.4 (1680.86)glitter funer eleven.7.7zerozero.224 Redownloaded Quicktime & flash but haven't reinstalled touchablehorsing arounder.it's as present as your final automatic update. playing in concreterough and tumbleer:several .MP4 downloads from Youtube might be opened in realfuner & hand down rough and tumble positive (get hold of video & din)at all .MP4 downloads from Youtube won't display.you possibly can court the name of the video above the fun/break button &you may go out with the reply improve and play place shut out advances but no video or racket. enjoying In Quicktime:several .MP4 downloads from Youtube hand down play fantastic (get hold of video & racket). example: http://mp4gain.com/youtubetomp4.html from Youtube haven't any videoor sound(simply black display) despite the fact that counter continues to extend and play place bar advances.example:In windows entrepreneur if double click on piece:some .MP4 downloads will not display the video screen & you only appointment the highest & backside controls of the Quicktime screen. (obviously no display so no video or clamor.) example:response