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In the early 20th century Edward S. Curtis embarked on a 30-year mission he http://images.search.yahoo.com/ - http://images.search.yahoo.com/ - described as an effort "to form a comprehensive and permanent record of all the important tribes of the United States and Alaska that still retain to a considerable degree their ... customs and traditions." Curtis visited more than 80 tribes across the country, and north into Alaska and parts of Canada, eventually taking more than 40,000 photographs. When Curtis died in 1952, his work was largely http://www.fotoswiss.com/-/galleries/archive-international/golf-let-pga-usa/deutsche-bank-ladies-swiss-open-golf-club-losone/deutsche-bank-ladies-swiss-open-2010-let/sherlyn-popelka - sites to search at - forgotten, but is now recognized as one of the most significant records of Native American culture ever produced. Pictured here is Three http://www.slideshare.net/clammycard7154/reuters-pictures-loginregistration - where to find search results - Horses, taken around 1905.Credit: Edward S. Curtis Collection/Library of Congress